New repo/fork cristovaov/site-importer-vvv

November 13, 2014 at 09:05PM
via GitHub

Existing site importer for VVV. Based on Simon Wheatley’s demo examples and existing scripts in the VVV project.

Assuming that you are already using Varying Vagrants Vagrant. Recommended: Vagrant Hosts Updater and Triggers installed


  1. Copy your existing site in your www folder inside your VVV installation.
  2. Clone or extract this repo in a folder named vvv-import inside your site’s local copy.
  3. Replace samplesite.sql with your DB backup.
  4. Modify all instances of inside the files vvv-host and vvv-nginx.conf.
  5. Change the MySQL credentials inside wp-config.php to VVV’s default -don’t forget to back it up or copy/rename before!
  6. If Vagrant is running, stop it with vagrant halt
  7. follow this with a vagrant up --provision. -> optional: drop the file from the extra folder in the provision folder as to not go through the full provisioning
  8. Probably needed: Vagrant SSH to your imported site and do a WP-CLI search and replace.

You should be good to go.