Pull request Icon font input proposal for WP-Bootstrap-Navwalker. [cristovaov/wp-bootstrap-navwalker]


Thu Apr 10 2014 15:43:09 GMT+0000
via GitHub http://ift.tt/1jDOdS0

First draft for the input field in the backend, minor change in the
wp-bootstrap-navwalker file. Uses an extra file to put in theme directory,
add 'include_once( 'wp_bstrp_nav_menu.php' );'
before wp-bootstrap-navwalker line ‘functions.php’.
An icon font field will appear in the Menu Item settings page.
TODO input validation/sanitization, code enhancements
(eventually merge this extra file?)

github#1 - 'Menus ‹ Cristovao Verstraeten — WordPress' - wptrunk_dev_wordpress_wp-admin_nav-menus_phpgithub#2 - 'Menus ‹ Cristovao Verstraeten — WordPress' - wptrunk_dev_wordpress_wp-admin_nav-menus_phpgithub#3 - 'Cristovao Verstraeten I Tailored WordPress Development & Services' - wptrunk_dev

Added wp_kses validation to wp_bstrp_custom_field_update
and leaves database clean when empty -thank you JD Grimes!
The following tags have been allowed: <span></span>, <i></i>
-allowed attribute for both: class

Glyphicon works and all Font Awesome features too. Only tested with those two
but should basically work with every other icon font that uses the allowed tags!

Note: using other icon fonts or Font Awesome larger classes
and stacked icons (screenshots)
will require css adjustments > I don’t consider this an issue though.

github #4 - 'Menus ‹ Cristovao Verstraeten — WordPress' - wptrunk_dev_wordpress_wp-admin_nav-menus_phpgithub #5 - 'Cristovao Verstraeten I Tailored WordPress Development & Services' - wptrunk_dev

April 3, 2014 at 9:40AM
via GitHub http://ift.tt/1jDOdS0